Lost packets on DigiMesh 8003 firmware

I’ve upgraded two XBee Series 1 ( HV, hardware version : 1705 ) from firmware 10A3 to use DigiMesh firmware 8003. With all settings at ‘default’ using both X-CTU range test and my own ping test software I am seeing a failure rate of up to 30% of packets lost; “timeout waiting for data”.

Is this a flaw in the 8003 firmware or something else ?

This is with both XBee’s between 6" to 12" apart, with one XBee connected to the PC, the other in loop-back mode. Same results no matter which XBee I use in either position. Testing the same setup with 10A3 firmware and thousands of packets are exchanged with no loss or errors.

My Rev B XBees show hardware versions 1742 for non-Pro and 1842 for Pro. That makes me wonder whether it could be a compatability issue between hardware and firmware, although I admit this is pure speculation on my part.

Maybe someone who’s running 8003 firmware can come up with more info if they’ve tried it on 1705 hardware?

Thanks johnf.

It seems it was largely my mistake expecting the DigiMesh firmware to work out the box same as the XBee’s already programmed.

I had ‘broadcast’ set at each end and that’s the problem. With both set to each other’s address for a one-to-one pairing I got 100,000 exchanges with just 4 packets lost and two corrupted data packets.

This is very old hardware so I’m very pleased to see that DigiMesh does work with it.

Looks like admin needs to add some DigiMesh forums :wink: