Communication problems using Digimesh firmware

Having some problems after upgrading to Digimesh…

To make sure the equipment (Mine and the wireless) is working, I reverted back to 802.15.4, and was able to communicate normally. Once I upgraded to the Digimesh, nothing.

Attached are three pictures

One is the settings for the Polling Unit.
One is the settings for the Remote Unit.
The other is of the 232-485 converter we use since our monitor brains use 485.

Could that be it? Maybe the Digimesh firmware needs some other setting to be modified? I am grasping at straws here really.

Please, any suggestions are welcome and if you need me to take pictures and/or video of what we have that’s no problem.



After talking to another person at Digi… we spent about 2 and half hours starting from the top we finally figured out what was happening.

The original chips that we used, we bought around 2 and half years ago when MAXSTREAM was the name. I have several of those chips and just a couple of the DIGI labled chips. Even though both are version 1 chips, the chipset in the modules are different. I was testing on Maxstream chips and the Digimesh firmware did not work. I updated the firmware on the Digi labled chips and it worked!

Has to do with the chipsets.

Hi there

I seem to be encountering the same problem. However I’m using DigiMesh 2.4 radios purchased a few weeks ago directly from Digi. These radios are lableled “MaxStream”, not “Digi”. So I cannot use your “solution” of switching to radios labled “Digi”.

The IC ID on the DigiMesh 2.4 modules is 4214A-XBEE. I also have a Series 1 XBee and it has the same ID. I replaced the 802.15.4 firmware with DigiMesh 2.4 version 8003, and now that module behaves exactly like the other two DigiMesh modules: they will not communicate with X-CTU! But all 3 modules do work in my target boards: AT and API on the serial port and point to point over RF.

Who has their DigiMesh modules (with MaxStream logo) working with X-CTU? And how did you get it to work?


Let me clarify. The original XBee 802.15.4 modules where developed by MaxStream. MaxStream was acquired by Digi about 2 years ago. Since then, the processor used in the original 802.15.4 modules was discontinued and a new processor was selected. The Digi Mesh code you are referring to was developed after the new processor was installed. As such, the Digi Mesh code is not compatible with the older hardware revisions of the modules.

I also have same IC ID 4214A-XBEEPRO module (MaxStream is printed on module) and I have successful flashing of 8003 DM firmware. But when I try flashing 804B firmware, trouble is writing PARAMETER SETTINGS. XCTU say that “Error setting AT parameters. Either parameters is not supported or value out of range. Check parameter view for parameters in error.”

After that communication is not possible. I think that baud rate settings is not correct, because NVRAM for settings is not enough for this new firmware or something like this.

Is this issue can resolve for old modules?

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So what you are saying, is that if the radio XBee/XBee-Pro circuit board says MaxStream on it, then 99% sure it will NOT work with DigiMesh? Or should we attempt to load the DigiMesh software to see if it works or doesn’t work?

> As such, the Digi Mesh code is not compatible with the older hardware revisions of the modules.

How does one identify this older hardware?

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I do not have the Pro version, but was able to install version 804b successfully on a 4214A IC. Be sure to select Parameter View: Show Defaults before the write.

DigiMesh version 804b resolves the problem of serial communications using XBIB-R Rev.7 and X-CTU, plus a whole bunch of other issues.


Thank you for suggestion, but unfortunately, no. Suggestion to select Parameter View: Show Defaults before the write, is not actually help :frowning:

I also have XB24 (not pro) and trouble is the same. I can put a 802.15.4 10E6 version but DigiMesh 804B not. I try a XCTU and also Old XCTU with same result. Flashing is Ok, until XCTU try to write Parameter Settings. After that I see a slow blink (about 1 sec) of LED on pin 15, (modul working) but I don’t have communication to XCTU. BaudRate is not Ok.