Upgraded to Digimesh ... ugh

Hi all

Attached is a pic of the settings I used when I updated the firmware from XPB24 802.15.4 version 10CD to XPB24-DM Digimesh 2.4 version 8003.

Also attached is a pic of the two chips and the boards they sit on.

Before the upgrade, I was able to conduct a succesful range test. After I upgraded, I cannot.

Both chips have the exact same settings and are about 6 feet away from each other.

Is there something I need to do to get the Digimesh to work on these chips?

Basically, as stated in a previous topic… I need to communicate to about 18 remote units. The previous topic stated that currently there are several “repeaters” shooting the signal down the line and then back. We are planning on relocating the repeater boxes and eliminating the several 20- 30 foot antenna cables which might be the problem we have had all along as for timeouts and no communication… etc etc…

By using the DIgimesh and relocating the boxes, instead of going outside, we should be able to pretty much go in a straight line and back through the five buildings.

Thanks in advance for any ideas or suggestions.

Addressing of the modules in DigiMesh is a little different than in 802.15.4. Set your DH and DL parameters of your transmitting module to match the SH and SL of the remote - and vice-versa. 16 bit addressing is not used in DigiMesh (there is no MY parameter).


I have several remotes out there… all with different serial numbers? er… just looked… the serial number HIGH looks like they may be the same… another thing… how do I program the SN H and SN L’s? cannot do it in Modem COnfiguration, but can it be done using the Terminal?

Pardon my noobiness in these matters…

You don’t reprogram SH and SL. They’re factory set, with every XBee getting its own unique value.

If you want to broadcast to all the remotes then you can set the DL=FFFF with the DH=0. But for a loopback test, you don’t want to broadcast. Loopback is between 2 radios.

Ok… I tried what I think you guys are trying to suggest.

But no go.

To make sure the equipment (Mine and the wireless) is working, I reverted back to 802.15.4, and was able to communicate normally. Once I upgraded to the Digimesh, nothing.

Attached are three pictures

One is the settings for the Polling Unit.
One is the settings for the Remote Unit.
The other is of the 232-485 converter we use since our monitor brains use 485.

Could that be it? Maybe the Digimesh firmware needs some other setting to be modified? I am grasping at straws here really.

Please, any suggestions are welcome and if you need me to take pictures and/or video of what we have that’s no problem.