Communication between XBee Digimesh and XBee 802.15.4

I have XBee serie 1 modules and some of them are 802.15.4 (802) and others have the Digimesh firmware (DM) installed. Both works fine: 802<->802 and DM<->DM. However, I’m unable to make 802 communicate with DM. Both are on same channel and PANID, both use API mode 1 because i’m sending only strings. I tried to make the DM broadcast a message to be received by the 802. I’m using Libelium Waspmote with appropriate lib to send and receive. Receive code directly read the serial data. I have a small sniffer program but nothing is captured by the 802. Just want to mention that the sniffer works well for 802<->802 and DM<->DM. So my question is: is there any reason for DM to not being able to communicate with 802?

Thanks in advance.


Digi Mesh and 802.15.4 are different networks, can’t communicate with each other.

Hi cpham

Yes, 16ksa23 is right. You can load either of the firmware on Series 1 modules at a time but can’t communicate between XBee Digimesh and XBee 802.15.4.

The reason is that DigiMesh implements mesh networking topology which is more of ZIGBEE while 802.15.4 uses Point-to-point/multipoint or Peer-to-peer topology and is not ZIGBEE.
After all. the flash memory size is same for both of them.