S1 XB24-DM and XBP24-DM Communication Problem

Hi Digi,

I have been attempting to create a Digimesh 2.4 network using both Xbee S1 and Xbee Pro S1 modules. Both module types are running firmware version 8062.

Using XCTU to monitor the network, the XBP24-DM modules have no problem identifying the other XB24P-DM modules and the same goes for the XB24-DM modules.

The issue is however that I can’t seem to identify of send packets to XB24-DM using the XBP24-DM modules and vice versa.

Correct me if I am mistaken but can’t theses devices be used together?

Yes they can but from the souinds of it, you have created two seperate networks. Try restoring them both to defaults and then seeing if you cn send data between them.