DigiMesh 900 firmware version 8x44 now available

The DM 900 version 8x44 firmware is now available from the Support website:

The Product Manual is up to date with the 8x4x changes as well.

Good day,

I was trying to update firmware to 8744 ( XBEE-PRO Digimesh 900 - DIO Adapter) But I have no success on this. The X-CTU gives OK to all, but when I read the XBee again it give me 8044 as firmware version.

Can anyone help me on this?



Here’s a standard response: are you sure that you’re running the latest version of X-CTU? Check the version number by using the About… menu option and compare that with the latest version available from the Digi site. Even if you’ve downloaded the newest version, use the About… option to check that it isn’t still the older version that’s running.

If that’s not the problem, maybe try loading another (different from 8044) version of the firmware and see whether that works. Let us know how you get on.

Hi all,

JohnF, good to see you back on the new forums! (this is the Digi Admin you sometimes e-mail) :wink:

As for the issue, this part is telling “8744 ( XBEE-PRO Digimesh 900 - DIO Adapter)”. DIO firmware on an XBee module disables the UART of the XBee, due to a DIO adapter’s data lines being used for other purposes, i.e. this firmware is specific to that Adapter, not something someone would normally load. This makes communication via XBIB dev board no longer possible, and further configuration to this DIO module will need to be done over-the-air from a ConnectPort X or other API interface.

This is a common problem, and one that I’m working on a kbase article about. I’m almost finished with that and a couple other articles covering common issues.