8003 Firmware and RS485 Digi adapter !!!

Has anyone tried using a 8003 firmware on the RS485 Digi adapter? I was playing around with it but can’t get it work on the RS485 Digi adapter.

I did a test using with my XBee Pro modules with 8003 loaded using my own made R232 adapters. Running the loopback test on X-CTU and it worked fine. Then I moved my modules of the two RS485 adapters I bought from Digi and hooking my RS485 devices up but it doesn’t communicate.

Anyone have any ideas on this? I am sure the RS485 Digi adapters are working since I have tested it out on 10C8 and 10CD firmwares and works fine.

I have the XBIB-U-DEV and XBIB-R boards. A pair of XBee-PRO
devices with 10C8 does the range test fine, thus indicating the boards are fine. My new XBee HW 1742 with firmware 8003
plays fine on the XBIB-U-DEV, but doesn’t work on XBIB-R.
Did you do anything special to make the RS232 adapter work?
I think you do have to adjust the serial option D7 - DIO Configuration to enable rs485. You’ll probably have to make that change, the write before moving your modules to the rs485 boards.

So you are able to write and read your XBee-PRO with XBIB-R board but you can’t with your new XBee HW 1742? You are using X-CTU program, right? Did you play around with the baud rate?

My RS232 adapter board is nothing special. I just made it up with a MAX3232 and hooked up all the necessary signal to the XBee module i.e. VCC (to 3.3V), GND, DIN (to R1out on MAX3232 with a 10K pull high), DOUT (to T1in on MAX3232), RTS(to R2out on MAX3232), CTS(to T2in on MAX3232) & DTS (10K to GND)

I didn’t have new XBee HW 1742 to test with but it should work if the pin definition didn’t change.