XCTU not supporting my mod type and firmware version

I have a XBP09-DM firmware version:1002. I cannot seem to find this configuration in the XCTU software. the only mod type that has this version is XBP09-DP. I have gone through and updated my firmware and it’s still this way. Whats the deal?


I m not sure how did you get the firmware version 1002 for XBP09-DM module. For Digi Mesh 900 modules firmware will be something like, 8x44, 28x44.

Hello Roman,

First, try updating your X-CTU. However, I’m attaching the files for XBP09-DP v1002. Try copying them in C:\Program Files\Digi\XCTU\update\xbee_900. Also, check Always update firmware option in X-CTU to ensure it flashes the firmware instead of just changing the AT parameters.

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Me neither,

When I test/ query it says XBP09-DM version 1002. However when I read it in modem config it says Modem: XBee PRO “XBP09-DP” Function set: XBEE PRO 900 Version 1002. But this could just be from my own tinkering with settings trying to get my xbees to talk.

Thanks for the links Sebastian,

I have the configuration in your referencing in the picture. The configuration Im looking for is XBP09 DM version 1002, this is what was written on my slip of paper that came with my Xbees and also it is the configuration I get when I do a ‘test/query’. However the only firmware available to this type of XBee is: 1820, 8044, 8062.

Just to get clear on how Im using the software…

When I click “read” I am reading the config of the modem attached and when I click “write” Im writing configs to that modem?

I assumed these where sort of common sense but maybe Im wrong.

As I said, the version 1002 is for XBP09-DP, not DM. Both firmwares can run in the same module. Did you get the module working again?