XBP09-DPWIT unable to re-flash " change fonction set " 232 adapter

Hello Everyone,

I’m quite sure it’s a newbie question, but I’m trying to configure my Xbee module

(the one with white antenna)…

In fact whatever I did, the module stay always stack in the same configuration " XBEE PRO 900 - 232 ADAPTER "
(in the drop down list about “Function Set”

I’d like to change that in " XBEE PRO 900" and downgrade the firmware, but infortunatly, each time I try, the download is good, led on the breakout board are blinking, but at the end of programming, I’ve a kind of “fail”. (a info box appear [COM15]Unable to communicate with modem. Verify com port selection then perform action below or cancel : XBEE : 1. press and release Reset Switch, dialog box should close within 10 sec after switch released." And it’s true, the dialog box close and in the console it’s written OK.

So I’m totally lost.

Any help would be very appreciated.




I think I didn’t understand the question, so X-CTU says that it did change the firmware set but it didn’t?

Sorry, I was not clear.

Exact, in fact X-CTU say (everything is done successfully, but in fact, when I reconnect and “read the config” again… it still the same.
" XBEE PRO 900 - 232 ADAPTER "

Is Version 1061 of XBP09-DP known as problem firmware ?