I need assistance in identifying MAC address E6:B2:FE:AE:AE:A0.

This question relates to MAC addresses. I have come across a MAC address connected to my network that cannot be resolved to a device in my home. It shows to be connected by my ethernet, but I cannot find anything about the specific address or the origination of the address E6:B2:FE:AE:AE:A0. Any ideas out there?

You are going to need to know the full mac address. Then you can go to a site like https://uic.win/en/mac/vendor/search/ to see what it is.

I sincerely appreciate the response/answer. I tried the site and they could not identify the MAC address.

However, in continuing research on my network and removing all devices then adding them back one at a time I was able to identify the device. It is actually part of a DirecTV receiver system. The unidentifiable MAC is the Video Bridge between the main receiver, which has its own MAC, and the remote Genies, they also have their own MAC address.

Hopefully, this little bit of information will be useful to others.