is there any way to know which kind of HA device is looking at the MAC address?


I have observed that al the HA dimmers that i have in my network have a MAC address strarting with 0015. That made me think that maybe there is a way to know which kind of product is (dimmers, switchs, plugs…) depending on the MAC address. Is there any document with specifications about this?

I am afraid not. The MAC address can only tell you who made the radio. Nothing more. For example, all Digi XBee products have an partial MAC address of 0013A200.


Is there any cluster in the ZCL for asking the device which kind of device it is? (if its a dimmer, a switch or a plug for example). I`ve been looking in the Zigbee cluster library specification guide and I’ve found that in the basic cluster I have the model identifier and the manufacturer name but it doesnt specify the kind of device.

Thank you in advanced.

Try requesting the active end points. That should provide you with what you want.