How can i know if a HA device is ON or OFF

Hi everyone,

Im trying to control a home automation device with an ccimx6ulsbc with yocto and an xbee3. Once the HA devices are in my network I use a python program to control them. The problem is that i cant find what message I have to send to receive the ON/OFF status of this devices.

for writting ON I use this message:

remote = RemoteZigBeeDevice(xbee, XBee64BitAddress.from_hex_string(mac))
xbee.send_expl_data_async(remote, message, se, de, clid, prfid)


I would suggest you start with sending a packet requesting the active end points on the device. This should tell you what the device is capable of providing you.

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I have done that but I dont know how to understand the message that I recieve from the devices. They send a explicit RX indicator from which I can find their adresses, for example, but I cannot find what the payload means. is there any document in which this is explained?

It is going to be a mixture of the Digi product manual and the Zigbee alliance document for the standard in question.

The Digi Manual for the knowing which bytes are the cluster ID and end points and the Zigbee HA manual for the actual data bits in the payload.