xbee3-24 creating an end device

Hello. I’m trying to create a zigbee end device. Xbee3 is added as coordinator on ZHA. Got also the xbee3 end device detected, but there is already configuration showing. I tried disabling the the GPIOs on XCTU but still the same. I have no micropython code yet. I just want one switch and I will add a power meter later on.


It depends on what your definition of an End device is. An End device in general is something that performs a function. That function can allow the device to be either as a router or as a sleeping device.

If you want it to be a sleeping device, then you would need to enable the SM command to a value other than 0.

Thank you for reply. I want the device to act as a router and sensor(power, voltage current meter) with button control. Currently I got it working with router mode and button control.

I can’t disable the other GPIO’s from being exposed to Home Assistant even though I disabled them on XCTU but I figured out that I can disable the unwanted GPIO’s on home assistant side.

Now the remaining thing to do is how to send/expose power, voltage, current reading to the Home Assistant.

Is there any example I can follow that when connected to home assista, it will also recognized that the xbee has power, voltage, current meter features? Or any other similar sensors with examples.

The Home Assistant is not something that Digi would have information on.

Yeah I understand, but I’m hoping somehow that there is a example or at least a guide for a standard zigbee device since a zigbee firmware is available for xbee3.