How to configure the coordinator of Digi Xbee3 Zigbee3.0 for connecting ZHA(Home automation) compliant lighting devices

I have a Digi Xbee3USB (‘Product family’: XB3-24, ‘Function Set’: Digi Xbee3 Zigbee 3.0, Firmware: 1010 (newest)). I want to discover/control Zigbee Endpoint device (for example IKEA Tradfri LED E14 470lm/IKEA Tradfri Plug) using this USB module as Coordinator. I have set the Digi USB module (AP: 1, CE: 1). But Endpoint devices cannot be connected when the reset button is pressed in end device. Also XCTU Network scan cannot find any device. I need to know the MAC address (64 bit address) of the end device. Also tried the Python code to get remote devices. But without success.

Please let me know the Coordinator setup and the process of finding/connecting to Zigbee end devices.

Set ZS to 2 and AO to E. That should allow you to see the request packets. You may also need to set the KY, NK, EO and EE commands.

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Thanks a lot. I tried to setup the Xbee3USB module in Home Assistant with ZHA ( as Coordinator. It works fine there and can discover/connect all the devices (in pairing mode). Now when I use the module in XCTU, I see that some settings changed matching your suggestion. Scanning for remote devices and AT commands in XCTU works fine with the Endpoint devices I have.