End device as a complete device

Hi everyone,

I have been trying to figure out if a end device could be used to act sort of a wireless switch. I would like to use the module as a end device because of the power saving features that router for example doesn’t have.
So is it possible to read end device’s digital inputs remotely?
I have been able to read that information from routers but same commands give errors when using end node. The manual doesn’t really help me.
I have been using the XBP24-ZB 2x21 firmware.

Thank you for your help already.

Hello Tuorpete,

yes, it is absolutely possible, although I am using XB24-ZB and not the PRO version.
Take into account that if you set a sleep time other than the default on the end node, you also need to set the same on routers and coordinator, otherwise chances are no commands arrive to the end node.

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