ConnectPortX4 and HA Devices

Hi there,

Apologies in advance if this question is in the wrong place. I have a connectportx4 gateway and a simple mesh network consisting of the bundled temperature gauges. It’s all up an running fine and I have scripted a few things off of the idigi interface.

My question is, a friend has lent me a Control4 dimmer switch and I am curious as to whether I can read and write its state. E.g. will it associate with my network, and if it does associate can I send it messages?

I’ve read the Zigbee HA spec (as well as the ZCL) and could see that if i could write the correct command it may be possible. Could i do this from the python scripts running on the connectportx? or would i have to set up a separate router (with the HA profile loaded)?

Thanks in advance, and hopefully my question makes sense


The problem with Control4 devices is they use a proprietary ‘associate/join’ step - which means they don’t join to just any Zigbee network.

I don’t know the complexity to this join, but once joined you could certainly use python to send HA-compatible queries to the device. Python will allow you to send any arbitrary byte-string to any arbitrary Zigbee end-point/cluster/profile destination.