ConnectPort X4 - Available firmware updates


I hope someone can help me, I have a connectport x4 that I purchased as part of the idigi green challenge. I have it successfully hooked up to idigi and can browse the network etc.

I am in the process of trying to connect a Control4 Wireless Dimmer switch to my network. However, I am having limited success, what I specifically want to do now is make sure that I am running the most up to date firmware on the connectport x4 as well as the radio inside of it. My main problem is that when I go to the firmware update page there is no longer a ConnectPort X4 listed, but there are many variants.

How can I identify my unit so I make sure I upload the correct firmware?

I will be looking to put the ZigBee Pro featureset on to the radio, and whatever the latest firmware is for the connect port x4.

If it helps identify the connectport x4, i am a UK resident, i purchased the box during the green challenge, it’s connected to my network via a TCP/IP rj45 connector, and it has ConnectPort X4 ZB Ethernet Intl on the back of it.

Thanks in advance


From the overall you have explained, It seems that rather than firmware upgradation, you are facing the troubles in making the proper python application. So, rather than changing the firmware for you Connect Port X4 , you can check the following link. There are many demo applications there.

Then go to browse categories. You will find many demo applications, sample codes, iDigi guidelines, and Dia applications for your project.


A couple of years late… But…

To upgrade your ConnectPort X4:

  1. Go to: ConnectPort X4 H - ZB Firmware Update Page

Please check the “ConnectPort X4EOS firmware release notes” for detailed information about the lates version of the firmware…

  1. Here you will find POST and EOS firmware updates. Download both, then at the “ConnectPort X4 Configuration and Management” go to “Administration”, click on “Update Firmware”.

  2. Select first the POST firmware update file (something like…82001753_G.bin). Click on the “Update” button… wait… and Reboot. Probably your ConnectPort X4 will get a new IP, if not… just open again the “ConnectPort X4 Configuration and Management” web site.

  3. Repeat with the EOS firmware file…

I hope you find it useful.


Thanks for the tip. I am pretty sure that it’s not the python app running on the connectport x4 that is the issue, as at the moment I can’t get the Control4 switch to associate and join with ZB network that the connectport is acting as router for. In the past when I have the issue, its due to mis-matched firmware, so I was trying to ensure i had the latest for the connectport first.

Thans for the tip to the wiki though


I ran into the same problem.

You will want to select the ConnectPort X4 H - ZB product in order to obtain the latest firmware, it really is the same as the ConnectPort X4 ZB (Ethernet) product.

Thanks for that, just what I needed


Note that the Control4 products use a proprietary join/associate method (means, they didn’t like the way ZigBee did it and thought they could do a better job). I think it had to do with security - aka: so your neighbor cannot so easily turn your lights on/off, which is a noble goal, but could have been done on standard ZB with encryption or something else.

I assume they can work, but you might need to tell the C4 dimmer to NOT use the C4 join, and/or you might need to do some low-level stuff on the Digi X4 to detect the C4 join as an unknown commend & manually return the expected response.

I cannot offer details of the C4 join method, just that Digi does not natively support it.


Thanks for the heads up. my next stop is with C4 to look in to precisely what you’ve said. It’s such a shame that people can’t just use the standard protocols, it would help out the little folk like me!


Thanks for the link from cepaul and userid0!

Really useful info for someone flabbergasted by all the different models without documentation from Digi.