inconsistent firmware

Hello (:)),

I have a connect Port X4 with a Xbee S2 firmware version Zigbee COORDINATOR API (1120), and one Xbee S2 Digital I/O adapter firmware version ZIGBEE ROUTER/END DEVICE DIGITAL I/O (1740).
(:() My problem is : The connect port X4 can’t find the digital I/O adapter. In the gateway’s web interface I go to Administration > System Information > Mesh Network and coordinator can’t discover my Xbee digital I/O Adapter.
I know that firmware 1220 (coordinator) is based on EmberZNET 2.5.3 stack and firmware 1740 (Digital I/O adapter) is based on EmberZNet 2.5.4 stack. Are these stack incompatible?
If I want discover the digital I/O adapter with my coordinator, do I have to upgrade coordinator’s firmware to the firmware version 1140 or last?

Thank you very much.

Yes, unfortunately the 1x20 firmware is incompatible with 1x40.

The newest firmware series is 1x47 and I would highly encourage you to upgrade. You may find it here:

The ConenctPort X4 firmware may be found here:

The gateway firmware now supports upgrading the internal XBee module’s firmware from our web interface.

When you download the 1x47 firmware you will find a directory called “ebl_files”. Navigate to Configuration->Mesh Networking, click on the coordinator module in the gateway and click on the update firmware heading.

Select the XB24-B_ZigBee_1147.ebl or XBP24-B_ZigBee_1147.ebl (note the difference of the letter P the leading XB) depending on whether or not your gateway game with an XBee or XBee PRO module and your firmware shall update!

I would also recommend updating the firmware in your adapter if you plan on using your Digital I/O adapter as a sleeping end device as several bugs were fixed between 1740 and 1747.



Hello :),

Thanks for your answer. But when I navigate to Configuration->Mesh Networking, I click on the coordinator module in the gateway, but I can’t find the update firmware heading. The picture shows my web interface. My connect Port X4 is update to the last firmware version.

Firmware Version: (Version 82001536_C1 04/14/2008)
Boot Version: 1.1.3 (release_82001531_A)
POST Version: 1.1.3 (release_82001537_E)

Hello :),
So how can update the firmware? I need a dev. board to update coordinator’s and digital I/O adapter’s firmware to the version 1x47.

Thanks very much.

This is true, a dev board would be required to change firmware on either the DIO adapter or the radio in the CP-X4 currently.

The ability to change the X4’s firmware via the Web UI will be added in the near future.