Some questions about firmware and adaptors

We want to buy some Xbee ZB, and one adaptor.

The questions are:

  1. Can we change the firmware to transform a coordinator into a router or end device, in this device: XB24-Z7CIT-004? We can also change the mode (API or AT) just changing the firmware? What we need to do this?
    The problem is that digikey just list this device, we don’t see any list of firmwares to buy a coordinator or a router.

  2. We need to use the ZB net through a usb to ZB adaptor, we want to buy this: XA-B14-CE1R. This adaptor works with the Xbee ZB modules, or just with the ZNet? Can we change the firmware over the air with this adaptor?

Thanks in advance, if some other information is required ask for it.

An overall overview of the system we want to implement. We want to make a ZigBee net to monitor and control some home variables with a PC. If someone has any advice, we will apreciate it.

  1. Yes, you can change between a coord., router, and end device by writing the desired firmware to the module. Also, you can switch between API ant AT with a firmware rewrite. To do this order: XBIB-U-ND to program the module and to send/recieve data with the module. As for firmware, download X-CTU from Digi’s website and do an update for the firmware.

  2. If you want to use this adaptor it should work with Znet or ZB, but if you ordered the XBIB-U-ND then it will do the same for you for testing purposes.