ZIGBEE TH Reg - What to do


Just bought a new Xbee Zigbee module, but the firmware is totally different
Here is the reference I bought:XB24CZ7SIT-004
When connected via XCTU I see: XB24C TH Reg and I have no choice to change the firmware. My other modules were showing XB24-ZB (P/N XB24-Z7CIT-004)
For the previous Xbee, I was used to load the firmware to be either Coordinator or Routeur and then AT or API.
What should I do
Did not find any documentation as all what I have is referring to the previous setup.

What should I do ?

The older modules you had used a smaller processor that required six different firmware versions to offer Coordinator Router and End devices code in either AT or API mode. The new hardware uses a larger processor that has all six versions in one. That is if you want Router AT then you do nothing at all (default). If you want API mode, you set the API command to 1 or 2. If you want a Coordinator you set the CE command to 1 (0 is router or end device). For End device, set the SM command to a value greater than 0. All of this is covered in the current product manual for the XBee ZB S2C hardware.


what is equivalent command for random delay slots to enable csma-ca in xbee s2c through hole

The CSMA function is already enabled and you don’t have control over the random back off function in the Mesh code.

thank you very much for ur reply…it’s really helpful