xb24c 802.15.4 how to set as router?

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Good morning,
I updated two xb24c with the firmware 802.15.4 SMT because i need to change manually the channel, the PAN ID and the Adress. After the update the two module are set as End Device, I found how to set the module as Coordinator, but I don’t understand how to set the module as ROUTER. Could You help me?
Thank You. Best Regards. Marco

The 802.15.4 IEEE standard does not support Routers. You need to use the default firmware for the S2C of you want Mesh.

Thank You for your reply. But if I use the default firmware I see that the channel and the address are only READ. So how can i change manually these values?

By default, the S2C is a Zigbee Router. You need to set the CE command to 1 to enable a Zigbee Coordinator and allow the router to associate or Join.