How do I set an Xbee to be a router. I do not see a way to set the xbee to a router just to endpoint or coordinator

What radio are you using? Only XBees that run the Zigbee protocol need a coordinator. If you are using an XBee Zigbee then the S2 and S2B need to be flashed to different firmware depending on the function set. For the S2C you set the CE parameter to set it to be a coordinator and set sleep mode if you want it to be an end point. On S2C leaving both CE and SM at zero makes it a router.

I have the Xbee Zigbee 802.15.4 modules XB24. There is a CE but no SM parameter in the XCTU menu I updated the firmware to the latest Version listed 10ed. What are S2 and S2B I don’t see those in the menu or in the selection for firmware version. I have both S1 and S2 modules and they all are to the same revision of firmware 10ed.

So i put it in endpoint and no sleep and it becomes a router? I tried this and then go to network working mode menu selection in XCTU and scan the network it does not see a router only endpoints. When set to endpoint and no sleep will the devices create a mesh network and retransmitt messages?