set xBee as a router without USB and X-CTU

Hello everyone,
can u help me.

I’ve got the following problem.
I’ve got Xbee some xbee modules. One of them recognized as Coordinater and other as End Device. I have to set one of End Devices as a router, but i don’t have usb - connector. This means - i can’t use X-CTU.
I can still send AT commands from microcontroller.

Are their any commands to set xbee module as router ?

Thank you.

Thanks for info.

Hello bsz,

What model of XBee are you using? Depending on the firmware it uses, it is possible or not to change the role (coordinator, router or end-device) using AT commands (for example with S2Cs), others like S2B need a firmware change, so you would need to use X-CTU

S2C is what i use, but i found nothing in AT command list connected with what i need

yes, S2C is what i have

Hello again bsz,

For configuring the device as a Coordinator, you have the CE command:

Set/read if this device is a coordinator (1) or not (0)

The SM (Sleep Mode) command defines the role of end-device or router (router doesn’t sleep):

Set/read sleep mode: Pin Hibernate is lowest power, Cyclic Sleep wakes on timer expiration, Cyclic Sleep Pin-Wake wakes on timer expiration or when Sleep_Rq (module pin 9) transitions from a high to a low state. If SM is set to 0, the XBee is a router, otherwise it is an end device.

If you are confiuring the module as an end-device, bear in mind that other parameters such as ST and SN must be taken into consideration.

Thank u for your answer, tomorrow i’ll check it at work. Hope so much, it’ll help me :slight_smile:

Hi, spastor.
Today i tested SM command.
I’ve got SM = 0 on my Xbee module now . But when i use X-CTU to see what devices are in network i see only Coordinator and End-Device.
I’ve got the following assumption - ST and SN can also have influence on Xbee role. Don’t u think it can be so ?

P.S. sorry for my bad english

It shouldn’t. Maybe either XCTU or the Coordinator is caching some information. Restart the network (sending an ATNR0) or change the PANID so you ensure no cached information is shown.
Also, you might want to check the new XCTU beta int this URL:

Did you get it working?

yes, dude. It’s works perfect. Thank u very much !

The problem was in code. The variable (responsible forr AT command) was overwriting 100 strings below. That’s why nothing changes. SM - 0 works perfect