Update firmware

I have a XBEE-Pro with ZB feature set (XBP24-Z7WIT-004 rev E) and default it is shipped with the 2264 firmware (router version). Now I want to upgrade it to Coordinator version.

Now I press test communication and see it says “Modem type: XBP24-B”. Then I go over to the “Modem Configuration” and press read. There it chooses Modem: Xbee XBP24-ZB.

Now if I look in the list there is also the possibility to take the XBP24-B so my question is what firmware should I load into the device the XBP24-B or XBP24-ZB.



You should use XBP24-ZB based on the part number you provided.

Firmware XBP24-B “belongs” to the Ember ZNet 2.5 versions. Already XBP24-ZB is the Zigbee standard. If you want to work with interoperability I recommend Zigbee XBP24 ZB that communicates with other device manufacturers, and is an open global standard. All modules Digi Xbee are now coming with this firmware loaded.



There is an option to upgrade from ZNet to ZigBee.
Please refer the following document, http://ftp1.digi.com/support/documentation/upgradingfromznettozb.pdf