XB24-B product family with Zigbee function set Vs XB24-ZB


Sorry I’m new to Xbee so don’t mind if my question seems silly.

Well my question is :

  1. XB24-b is pre buit with Znet 2.5 and can be upgrade to ZB right ?

  2. Why XB24-B product family list Zigbee firmware (such as Zigbee coordinator API “1120” ) while in migration guide its written to chose from ZB product family.

  3. Whats the difference between Zigbee coordinator API “1120” firmware in XB24-B product family Vs Zigbee coordinator API “21xx” firmware in XB24-ZB product family

Yes it can be upgraded to the ZB or Zigbee function sets.

I honestly have no idea why it was Called Zigbee when it was Pre Zigbee PRO.

The first one (1x20) was a pre Zigbee product. That is a firmware version based on what ember envisioned the zigbee pro standard would move to where as the 2x versions are using a Zigbee PRO certified stack and follow the standard.