Help with tutorial please

I am trying to follow a tutorial on Youtube:

However I have 2 x xbee X24-B radios and the configuration screens have different names ie,
Zigbee Router AT and my interface only has Zigbee Router /End Device AT, also he has a sampling rate to set and I cannot see one, and he has network verification set but I cannot find that, please any info would be most grateful, thanks in advance


Do you mean the product family is XB24-B? In the video the product family is XB24-ZB.

What is your product family, function set, and firmware version?

Hi Trooper,

My radios are xbee series 2 XB24-BWIT-004 rev E


You have XB24-B and the guy in the YouTube video is using XB24-ZB. These are different product families with different firmware.

Your XBee has the Znet 2.5 firmware and his has the ZB firmware. They cannot talk to each other.

You can convert Znet 2.5 to ZB if you want. See:

Hi Trooper,

thanks for the info your a star…

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