How can I identify which Radios I have?

Hi there, well first of all its kind of clear that I’m a total newbie in the use of these radios. I’m currently writing configuration guides for the XBee radios for a project at school but I’m not sure about a lot of things involving these radios.

I have checked in the forums before but I didn’t find anything related to my question

I currently have 4 XBee radios, and I’m trying to find their capabilities, I have learned through the forums (mainly) that the Series 1 of the XBee radios are only capable of working in 802.15.4 mode OR DigiMesh and that the Series 2 are able to fully operate with Zigbee.

So… How can I find which type of Modules I have?

In X-CTU, when I click the Read button they show up as XB24, and in Function set I see 802.15.4, I already updated the firmware version to 10CD.

The modules have the following strings printed on them:


The board where they are mounted:


Im 90% sure that they are Series 1, but I just want to be sure.

Cheers and thank you all

Hello Licho,

The function set 802.15.4 and version 10CD indicate you have series 1. If it were a series 2 you would see “Zigbee” mentioned in the function set when you read the module.

HOLY COW that was fast :open_mouth:

Thank you :slight_smile: I was suspecting that too :stuck_out_tongue:

So just to make sure, I can only work with 802.15.4 AND Digimesh, right?

Cheers m8 and thank you for the fast reply :open_mouth:

This is correct, an rf module with part number starting in XB24-A (or XBP24-A) can use 802.15.4 or DigiMesh 2.4 firmware.

An rf module with part number starting in XB24-B (or XBP24-B) can use ZNet 2.5 or ZB (Zigbee) firmware

Good day, admin & others.

Specific to the firmware subject-matter, I am curious if you’d be willing to expand the dialog a bit:

As with the original poster in this thread, I too have a couple of Series 1 802.15.4 radios (XBP24-AWI-001).

I have scoured the website and the ftp site and have came away with a descent compliment of firmware.

What I am curious about relates more specifically to the Function Sets that are available with the the devices.

When I establish comms with them and go into the Modem config dialog, I see the root XBEE PRO 802.15.4 function set where I have a number of firmware versions I can choose from - everything from 1081 to 10CD. Additionally, if I click the Function Set drop-down control, I am seeing the following options [FW OPTIONS IN BRACKETS]:

XBEE PRO 802.15.4 [1081 - 10CD]

And, if I select the XBP24-DM model type, I am seeing:


So, I basically have one question: Is there a XB(P)24 page that serves to summarize the features for each of these Function Sets and Firmware Versions, and also details the latest version of firmware for same?

If you could please review and advise, that would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!


For the comparison of features, I don’t know of any such description and having recently been exploring the knowledge base I’m pretty confident that it doesn’t contain such a thing. For a quick comparison you can just download the product manuals and compare the “Key Features” section at the beginning of each. After that, well, you can explore for as much detail as you need.

As for the latest versions, I think for a snapshot X-CTU itself is the best guide because it accesses the Digi site and always gives you up-to-date information. And then of course, if you keep following these forums you’re likely to see postings referring to new versions when they’re released.

At the moment, I believe 10CD and 8003 are the latest recommended versions for 802.15.4 and DigiMesh respectively. There was some discussion a while back in the forum about a 10E2 version for 802.15.4, but a comment from Digi said that 10E2 was an internal beta version not intended for public release.

Another way of finding out some of the different defaults for the firmware and its parameters would be to select the different Function Sets for a given firmware type in XCTU, then do a “show defaults”. These vary depending on the Function Set chosen.

Thanks, John.

“For a quick comparison you can just download the product manuals and compare the “Key Features” section at the beginning of each.”

I did find this manual in the Documents section:

It seems to explain what the heck the other firmware is for. Thanks for the suggestion, and also for your timely and informative reply. It is much appreciated!