XBee devices with the XB24-ZB firmware not communicating with XB24-B devices

I have a mesh network working with some XBee 2.5 end nodes and a coordinator all programmed with the XB24-B firmware. I recently bought some additional devices but these seem to have come with XB24-ZB firmware. I notice that I can program them with either the XB24-B or XB24-ZB firmware but the new devices that came programmed with th XB24-ZB firmware cannot see the XB24-B devices. is there a way for me to get these new ZNET devices to see the older XB24-B devices.


ZNet is old protocol which is no longer supported by Digi. Refer the following PDF to upgrade from Znet to ZB, http://ftp1.digi.com/support/documentation/upgradingfromznettozb.pdf
Now you have all ZigBee modules.