iDigi X4 starter kit problems


I received my iDigi X4 starter kit some days ago and since i have some problems.

First it was working ok but since i try to upgrade firmwares, i have some problems :

  1. the wall router is no more discover (i haven’t upgrade its firmware)

  2. the Xbee sensor L/T is detected “partially” sometimes detected sometimes loss.
    and when it is detected if i try the green_getting_started dia demo, i have the following message in telenet console :
    “XBeeDeviceManager(xbee_device_manager).run(): error during rx ‘bad candidate, mu
    st be tuple of length 4.’”

  3. the Xbib card is leds are working but not the switch.

So my questions are :

-> is there a way to correct it ?
-> What were the orginal firmwares in order i can restart from start?

Thanks in advance

I would recommend updating both the EOS firmware of the CP-X4, as well as update to the latest iDigi Dia (what you build the green getting started demo from).

The EOS firmware can be found here:

The latest Dia can be downloaded here, once registered:

The above steps will hopefully knock out issues 2 and 3 in your post. Issue 1 can likely be resolved by hitting the Ident button of the Wall Router 4 times in rapid succession, then re-discovering from your CP-X4. I would recommend over-the-air updating the Wall Router to the latest ZB firmware once you can see it again from your X4. The firmware files can also be found on the firmware link posted above.

Thanks you,

I managed to solve my problems before your answer by doing approximatly what you said.

Thank you very much