: Programming modem...Lost communication with modem Write Parameters...Failed

when upgrading xbee S1 to digimesh with X-CTU , i get that message , i tried the bootloader solution i didn’t work ,too .

Plase help :frowning:

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How old are your modules?
Not all of them support Digi Mesh.
What interface board are you using?
Not all of the interface boards provide the necessary connections to allow for a firmware upgrade.

i’m using new xbee (version 10EC)
here are the needed information about it :

The xbee is 802.15.4 version 10EC,
In the top of the xbee R 201WW07215214

then N136
serial number 0013A200408D3FFD

and XB24-API-OO1 frevC
finally 041012-10:35.

i’m using arduino uno board + arduino xbee shield +xbee.

and what’s the solution please if the interface doesn’t provide the connection .

Hello Neddouch,

I would suggest using an XBee Explorer (from Sparkfun.com).

This is an economical interface board that provides all the connections you need to update firmware properly.

The XBee shields from Arduino do not supply all the needed lines to properly update firmware on an XBee.

As for recovering the module, please try the link below:

Module Recovery