How to: change "Connect Port X4H Nema 4X/IP66 Rated" status from Coordinator to Router?

Hello everyone,

I want to realize a network using several “Connect Port X4H”, using them as “Router”, for

the management of end points, such as “XBEE Digi Sensors adapter L/H/T”.
They must comunicate with a central “coordinator”, realized by a Raspberry Pi2 with

mounted on a “RaspBee premium” Zigbee manager.

My questions are:

  • Is it possible obtaining the firmware as ROUTER for the "Connect Port X4H Nema 4X/IP66


  • And also, is it possible to find the firmware as COORDINATOR for the “RaspBee” module?

I need a firmware with extension “.zigbee”, in order to automatically find the "Connect

Port X4H" and the “XBEE Digi Sensors nodes”, by using the “deConz” software?

Actually on our Digi-based system the Connect Port X4H Nema 4X/IP66 Rated control panel show me that the loaded firmwares are:

Gateway Firmware: 0x21a0
Firmware: (Version 82001536_K2 03/08/2012)
Sensor Node Firmware Version: 0x2ca7

You can find the above mentioned component/software in the following:

-Connect Port X4H Nema 4X/IP66 Rated:
-XBEE Digi Sensors adapter L/H/T:

I hope you can help me and I thank you all,

Yes you can upgrade the firmware on the Gateway and other older modules to Router API and Coordinator API. The firmware files will be in your XCTU software and on your PC within its XCTU directory. The Coordinator would be 0x21A7 while the routers would be 23A7.

Is there a firmware “.bin.GCF” that I can use (as coordinator) to communicate with “Connectport X4H” (router)?


I have a second problem:

I use deConz for the RaspBee Premium module (deRFmega256-23M12). This software use firmwares with “.zigbee” or “.bin.GCF” extension.

Can I convert the coordinator firmware (e.g. 0x21A7) with .elb extension in a “.zigbee” or “.bin.GCF” extension file?

If this isn’t possible. Is there a firmware “.bin.GCF” that I can use (as coordinator) to communicate with “Connectport X4H” (router)?

No you can’t. You can’t use firmware from one manufacture with another. That would be like asking a Volkswagen Dealer to install a Toilet in a Home that you don’t own.

Again thanks for the replies.

There is another way, to the best of your knowledge, to make possible this kind of communication?

Probably changing some Connect X4 parameters such as, Network encryption key (NK) or Link encryption key (KY), or others?

My RaspBee provides me some Trust Center Key. Maybe it can be useful!


Yes you can set the Link key, network key and other parameters. But without knowing what Zigbee profile the raspbee uses or what keys it wants, being able to change the values or set then and knowing what the values needs to be is another.