RaspBee firmware compatible

Hello everyone,

I want to realize a network using several “Connect Port X4H”, using them as “Router”.
They must comunicate with a central “coordinator”, realized by a Raspberry Pi2 with
mounted on a “RaspBee premium” Zigbee manager.

I need a firmware, which is RaspBee compatible (deRFmega256-23M12), to change “Connect Port X4H” role from Coordinator to Router. To do this, I need firmware with extension “.zigbee” or “.bin.GCF”, for the “RaspBee premium” module (interfaced with deConz), that allows this module automatically finding “Connect Port X4H”.

My questions are:

Are there firmwares (COORDINATOR) for the “RaspBee” module, and (ROUTER) for “Connect Port X4H” to realize my network? and which are they?

I hope you can help me and I thank you all,

IF you want the X4 to be a router, then you can simply set the CE command (Coordinator Enable) to 0 on the XBee within the X4 or install the Coordinator API firmware on it (23A7).

As for the RaspBee, I have no idea on that one. Never heard of that device before. What I can tell you is that it is NOT a Digi product.

Thank, for the help