Digi ConnectportX4 with other Zigbee Vendor (HA) ..Urgent!


I am trying to integrate Digi Connectportx4 gateway with Non-Xbee Zigbee products which are HA compliant (Zigbee Pro).

  1. Digi gateway firmware (firmware version 2170) configuration setting is not allowing me to set Encryption key as provided by the vendor -it displays an error which says “Out of Range Value for network encryption key”.

  2. Is it feasible to achieve this integration without having to communicate at ZDO level? Can Digi ConnectportX4 and Zigbee based HA devices communicate at a level higher than ZDO (ZCL and higher)?

Thanks in advance

I am no HA expert, however:

  1. might be caused by hex-vs-decimal issues. I haven’t used encryption, but if the supplier gave you the code in decimal (it is just a big number after all) and the Digi expects hex, you number is probaly too many digits.

  2. The X4 has no HA drivers, so you do indeed need to work at the ZDO level - again, not something I can comment on because I haven’t worked down there yet. I normally just put Modbus and old decades old protocols through Zigbee.