Setup XBee Gateway for HA Compliant Zigbee Devices

I’ve looked through the forums for hours and can’t seem to find what I’m looking for. I have an XBee Gateway and am trying to connect a Zigbee HA certified device to it. The device is setup to simply turn on and connect. There are not programming options for it.

I need to configure my XBee Gateway to a standard that will allow the Zigbee device to connect. I’ve tried following standards outlined in the Zigbee HA documentation to no avail. Here in the forums an remotely close mention of this subject mentions a bunch of settings that I don’t even have access to in the configuration panel of the XBee Gateway.

If anyone could lend some insight into how to make this work I would really appreciate it.


Before we get to the settings, which XBee Gateway do you have? Cna you provide the full part number of it? Beleive it or not it does matter.

Actually, I’m glad you responded because I forgot about this. I figured it out. The problem was I wasn’t familiar enough with the device to know how to properly configure it. I was able to use device cloud to get to the properties that were not available in the basic web interface of the device itself.

Settings are:
AO=3 //was only available through terminal connection using “xbee {parameter}={value}” or device cloud
KY=Standard Zigbee HA compliant key

The one thing I’m still having problems with the the retention of the settings. So I need to write a python script the executes on startup to configure the device when it starts because the settings (in particular AO) keeps resetting.

Oh and it’s the new gateway that comes with the cloud kit that is simply called an “XBee Gateway” in the web interface and on the Digi website, but is referred to as “X2e Gateway” in the “Product Type” field in the Xbee device list.