zigbee sensor mac address change to FF


Zigbee sensor mac address is changed to FF after zigbee coordinator off and on.below i added data frame from the sensor.What will be the reason to change mac id.before power off it works properly.If anyone find this issue please reply.

Thank you

Explicit RX Indicator (API 1)

7E 00 19 91 FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF 49 2F 01 01 00 06 01 04 00 18 19 0A 00 00 10 00 A6

Start delimiter: 7E
Length: 00 19 (25)
Frame type: 91 (Explicit RX Indicator)
64-bit source address: FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF
16-bit source address: 49 2F
Source endpoint: 01
Destination endpoint: 01
Cluster ID: 00 06
Profile ID: 01 04
Receive options: 00
RF data: 18 19 0A 00 00 10 00
Checksum: A6

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