Zigbee Coordinator not show sender EUI sometime.

We are using Zigbee pro S2B module with Coordinator firmware (0x218C).

We are using third party Routers with same cluster id, profile ID, source end point and destination end point.

when I restart our Routers some time I see sender EUI (mac address) value (0xFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF) while every time short address of sender is giving correct value in coordinator receiving frame (0x91).

if we use digi router then this kind of problem not occurs so what is a reason that I want to find out, after some time all mac address showing perfect in (0x91) frame.

Hi samir

To overcome compatibility issues with Digi module, we need to alter the ‘Zigbee Stack Profile’ parameter.

Make ‘Zigbee Stack Profile’ parameter as ZS=2 in your Digi module and try again.