Xbee3 ZigBee Coordinator 16b addr not 0x0000


We have a new network composed with only xbee3 zigbee modules, the network seems very unstable with a lot of xbee losting connection during hours and coming back later.

It usually take between 2-5seconds to send a packet even if the network isn’t that big.(~20devices reparted between 3 rooms in the same space)

I also saw in XCTU that the MY of the coordinator isn’t 0x0000 and the many to one that the coordinator send aren’t 0x0000 for the 16b address too which shouldn’t be the case.

As I understand xbee coordinator should always have the 16b addr 0x0000. The coordinator is an xbee3 zigbee firmware 100B.

It may be a bug in digi xbee firmware… Can someone give me some pointer to validate that ?


That is a Zigbee 2006 and Zigbee PRO standard. It is not a Zigbee 3.0 standard. That is also part of the reason that you do not use the 16 bit address for other than routing and not direct addressing. Use the 64 bit address for all addressing functions.

Ok so if I understand correctly we should’nt use the 16bits address ever ? So in a TX request what’s the best way to send data to the coordinator ?

In my understanding populating the 64b and 16b address provides a faster way of doing routing the packet. Currently we use the Many-to-One packet to store the 64b and 16b address of the coordinator and then we send the packet to thoses.

Is it better to leave 0x0000000000000000 and 0xFFFE to address the coordinator or replace 64b or both ?

Thank you,