discovering xbee devices in zigbee network


I am trying to know all the mac addresses of the devices in my zigbee network. The problem is that I find only my xbee boards but I dont find the HA dimmer that I have in my network. Im sure that the dimmer is in my network because I can comunicate with it but when i use the get_network() function it only appears the other xbee 3 boards. I use the following code:
xbee = XBeeDevice(“/dev/ttyXBee”, 9600)
xnet = xbee.get_network()
while xnet.is_discovery_running():

		devices = xnet.get_devices()
		while r

I have noticed that if I use the dimmer on/off button when the function is running the device is detected. Could this happen because of the dimmer being in sleep mode or something like that? How could I get all the devices in my network even if they are sleeping?


Yes, it most likely is because the device is asleep. What you would need to do is to have the device announce its self when it connects. You would then have to create a table with that data. You can also the ZDO functions to request the child table of each of your parent routers.

Digi Support

If I use the ZDO function to request the child table of the coordinator, should be enough to have all the devices, shouldnt it?

No. A child table only tells you what End devices are associated to that parent. Neighbor tables tell you what routers are in range of that parent.