Coordinator cannot find End_Device during Network Discovery

Currently, I am running XBee3 International Mesh Kit and tried following the given example in the documentation.|Example%253A%2520basic%2520communication|_____4

I tried implementing the Network Discovery for the three devices using Micropython REPL.

The following is the configuration I have for my 3 XBee devices.
Param XBee A XBee B XBee C
ID 2015 2015 2015
JV Disabled [0] Enabled [1] Enabled [1]
CE Form Network [1] Join Network [0] Join Network [0]
DH 0 0 0
DL 0 0 0
NI Coordinator Router End_Device
SP 20 20 1F4
SM No Sleep [0] No Sleep [0] Cyclic sleep [4]
SO 0 0 2
AP MicroPython REPL [4] API Mode without Escapse [1] MicroPython REPL [4]
BD 115200 [7] 115200 [7] 115200 [7]
D6 RTS flow control [1] RTS flow control [1] RTS flow control [1]

I am running the following code on the Coordinator and End-Device for network discovery|MicroPython%2520networking%2520and%2520communication%2520examples|_____3

Now when I try to run the python code for Network discovery on the Coordinator (XBee_A), it does not find any End-Device in the node list. The only Router comes up in the search.

But when I run it on the End-Device, it does find the Coordinator and Router.

My idea was to get the details of the End-Device using network discovery, gets it network ID (NI) and then send a command to the device.

Do you know what I am doing wrong?