I need help about creating xbee network?

There are 4 xbee nodes in my question. Node 1 sends data to other all 3 nodes. Node 2 sends data only to Node 4,Node 3 sends data only to Node 4 also.

How can i realize that network efficiently? Which one of those nodes should be coordinator,router or end device?Which topology i can make?(tree,mesh,star etc.?)According to your solution which details must be taken account?If you replyi,id be so happy.From now thanks

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Whether you use a tree, star or other network topology is determined on if the intended recipient is in range or not. As for the addressing, that is nothing more than setting the DL and DH address of the radios to match the SL and SH of the node you want the data to come out the UART of.

As mvut said,
Set DH and DL of Node 2 as SH and SL of Node 4. Similarly, set DH and DL of Node 3 as SH and SL of Node 4.