I need to replace an RCM3200 in a BL2600 SBC

I have a functioning BL2600 board and want to replace the RCM3200.
I have a program that runs fine and downloads OK currently.
When I install the new RCM3200 the program gives me an error ‘processor not found’ when I Try to load the program.

What is the routine to get this done. I’m not a programmer but have supported the product with the Rabbit in it for years.

You need to change the the write_id block on the RCM3200 from RCM3200 to BL2600. You will need to download the program write_idblock_920_962.c from Digi’s website and verify you specify the correct BL2600 you have. You will just need to follow the instructions in the program.


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Thanks but I have to get my Doctorate to do this.
Way over my head?

I appreciate the help though.

you can do it, I think you just need to uncomment this line; //#define MYBOARD BL2600A // 44MHz RCM3200, 512K flash, 256K+512K SRAM, ethernet

If you read most of the steps in the directions of the write_idblock program most of them are “Optional steps” So you really need to do steps 1,2,14,15 and 16

Here is what the idblock of an RCM3200 looks like
System ID Block content:

tableVersion = 4
productID = 0x1300
vendorID = 1
timestamp = 05/19/2021 16:23:47

flashID = 0x0000BFD7
flashType = 0x0001
flashSize = 512 Kbytes
sectorSize = 4096 bytes
numSectors = 128
flashSpeed = 0 nS

flash2ID = 0x00000000
flash2Type = 0x0000
flash2Size = 0 Kbytes
sector2Size = 0 bytes
num2Sectors = 0
flash2Speed = 0 nS

ramID = 0x00000001
ramSize = 512 Kbytes
ramSpeed = 0 nS

cpuID = Rabbit 3000 (rev. 1)
crystalFreq = 22.1184 MHz

macAddr = 00:90:C2:C6:A7:A9
serialNumber = ‘’
productName = ‘’

reserved[0] = 0x00

idBlockSize = 0x00000084 bytes
userBlockSize = 0x3F7C
userBlockLoc = 0x3F7C

idBlockCRC = 0x0714
marker = 55 AA 55 AA 55 AA

id = “0x1300”
desc = “44MHz RCM3200, 256K+512K SRAM, 512K Flash”
cpuId = “3000r0”
freq = “22.1184”
ram = “256”
flash = “512”

Flash ID 0xBFD7 is an SST SST39LF040 / SST39VF040.
Type 0x0001 is small sector, sector erase (0x30) byte write.

Flash2 ID 0x0000 is an unlisted type.
If valid, a description should be added herein.
Type 0x0000 is unknown.
If valid, a description should be added herein.

GetFlashID() result 0xBFD7 is an SST SST39LF040 / SST39VF040.
Type 0x0001 is small sector, sector erase (0x30) byte write.

ID+User blocks area top address = 0x00100000
User block image A address = 0x000FC000
User block image B address = 0x000F8000
User block size = 0x00003F7C
User block image A is valid.

That program is included in Dynamic C 9.62A.