I need to write a web client

Hi guys,

I’m working with the OP6700 board running RCM2200 micro. The board is connected through Ethernet port with many NEWPORT environmental sensors with a built in web page mainly used for configuration purposes.

My rabbit software must change, based upon on certain events, some configuration parameters found on the sensor web page.

This is my first http application so I can’t figure out how to begin with these stuff!

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I’m needing to do something similar. Unless someone can point out code for an http client, I’m going to use the telnet functionality that’s built into the TCP/IP library.

Here’s an example of how to use telnet to retrieve a webpage (the example assumes you’re using XP):

Open up a DOS command prompt window (under Accessories)
telnet www.google.com 80
press Enter

type [the letters won’t echo]:
GET / HTTP/1.1 [press enter]
host:www.google.com [press enter twice]

That will return you the HTML for the index page at www.google.com. You can add folders & files to the telnet. Here’s an example of that:

telnet www.rabbitsemiconductor.com [enter]
GET /store/software_license.shtml HTTP/1.0 [or 1.1 if you prefer]

You could get fancier and have telnet pass the info to the webserver that it expects (e.g., that it is a Mozilla client, etc.)

I’d love to hear any thoughts others have on this, since this is my planned approach by I haven’t implemented it yet.

Ok, I found the sample code for retrieving a webpage… take a look at samples cpip\active.c

It ran fine for me once I changed #define TCPCONFIG to 3 (necessary since my internet connection uses dynamic IP addresses)

Hope that helps!

Hmm… well the telnet sample code looks like it for a server, not a client. Still, I think the general approach I outlined is the route to take (i.e., connect to port 80, send the request to HTTP). I think the function we want to use for establishing the connect is tcp_open

Any idea how to make a client with SSL? I would like to retrieve information from a secure web site, but the SSL library seems to be only for the HTTP server work and not client.