Rabbit Http Proxy

This is just a simple proxy server application which listens on port 80 and forwards the http content to a LAN IP address ( Because I could not find any sample code for an http client in dynamic C I have written my own request by creating a TCP socket and then sending the request http content to the target LAN address (

My problem is that I can not copy all of the incoming data to the �response� buffer. I can printf all of the incoming data but the �STRNCAT� function will not concatenate all of the incoming data to the �response� buffer.

I have posted my code and am hoping that you could please give me some suggestions on how I can successfully implement this functionality.

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.


Hi tom
we tried this method a year ago. it worked at some extent but wasn’t the right way. first of all you need more than one tcp socket because browsers like IE or mozilla open several ones at the same time. we figured the only way of doing it was NAT or IP forwarding. unfortunately there are no sample to do this. You have to contact rabbit they have some code they can help you with but requires some work to make it working.