IC interrupt


I am attempting to use the Input Capture channel 1 to time pulses from an IR receiver. I have it set up to trigger an interrupt on the stop condition. The strangeness begins when an interrupt is triggered. DC 9.52 tells me that a Quadrature Decoder interrupt has been triggered but there is no vector assigned to handle the interrupt. I have QDCR set to 0x00 to disable QD ints, but they keep happening.

#class auto

const unsigned char PRESCALEA8 = 36;
unsigned int IC1_count;
char in_int;
char capture_status;

void IC1_ISR();

void main()

	unsigned long pulse_width;

   float pulse_time;

   SetVectIntern(0x1A, IC1_ISR);

   IC1_count = 0;
   in_int = 0;
   capture_status = 0;

	WrPortI(ICS1R, NULL, 0x00); 	//PC1 is pulse capture pin for channel 1

   //timer a8 prescaler for input capture
   //division for timer A is n+1
   //so every (prescaleA8 + 1) one pulse is output to the input capture
   //for PRESCALEA8 = 36, 1.6uS resolution and 106mS til overflow
	WrPortI(ICCSR, NULL, 0x14); 					//zero out counters int on IC1 stop
	WrPortI(ICCR, NULL, 0x01); 					//int priority 1

   WrPortI(QDCR, NULL, 0x00);

	//run counter start to stop
	//start is falling edge, stop is rising edge
	//latch counter on stop
	WrPortI(ICT1R, NULL, 0x59);

	pulse_width = 0;


      if (IC1_count)
      	printf("Count: %u
", IC1_count);


      if (capture_status)
      	printf("Status: %x
", capture_status);
         capture_status = 0;

      if (in_int)
      	printf("ISR entered





   push af
   push hl

   ld a, ICCSR		;clear INT
   ld (capture_status), a
   bit 4, a
   jr z, done

	ld l, ICL1R
   ld h, ICM1R

   ld (IC1_count), hl


   ld a, 0x01
   ld (in_int), a

   pop hl
   pop af



According to the documentation, 0x1a is the vector for a IC interrupt, while 0x19 is the vector for a QD interrupt. I tried switching the vectors in my SetVectIntern() statement, but then it tells me that a IC interrupt has occurred, but the vector is uninitialized.

What do I have to do to get the IC ints working properly?

looks like a hardware problem, i switched the 3200 out with another 3200 and the problem went away