Input Capture on RMC3400?

Tying to capture period and pulse using Input Capture on the RMC3400 w/ DC9.62. Code is attached. My problem is that I believe I’ve set it up to interrupt only on rising edge of “IC2 Stop” but I get calls to my interrupt routine “my_isr2()” all the time. The only thing that stops the call to “my_isr2()” is if I disconnect the pulse signal or if I remove the interrupt completely.

Any help would be appreciated.

WrPortI(TAT8R, NULL, 0xFF); //(TA8 prescaler)

interrupt_vector inputcap_intvec my_isr2;
SetVectIntern (0x1A, my_isr2);

while ((count0 < 200000) && (count1 < 200000)) {

	costate {
		WrPortI(ICCSR, NULL, '\B01000000'); 					WrPortI(ICT1R, NULL, '\B01010110');					WrPortI(ICT2R, NULL, '\B01010101');					WrPortI(ICS1R, NULL, '\B11001100'); 					WrPortI(ICS2R, NULL, '\B11001100'); 					WrPortI(ICCR, NULL,  '\B00000001'); 					waitfor(DelayMs(100));
		printf("OnTime = %6d  %6d  %6d : ", ic0M, ic0L, ic0L+ic0M*256);


nodebug root interrupt void my_isr2()
ic0L = RdPortI(ICL1R); ic0M = RdPortI(ICM1R);
ic1L = RdPortI(ICL2R); ic1M = RdPortI(ICM2R);

Found two good examples on “Aak Larry” Dec 08 and May 09 issue and was able to implement them.

Thanks Larry.