Identifying Frame Type of Received Frames on XBee3 with Micropython

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I’m new to the forum so firstly hi everyone :wave:

I’ve worked for a while with S2Cs on an MCU controlled network and am currently porting things over to micropython on XBee3 to add further nodes to the network. Does anyone know if there’s a simple way of identifying the frame type being received through micropython on the XBee3 as there is in the Arduino S2C library? We have some messages that are received as Rx IO samples and some as Explicit Rx frames and the first layer of processing for the receiver has been to filter them by type. I’d like to mirror this with XBee3 but I don’t see frame type as a part of the micropython dictionary for receive() or receive_callback(). Does anyone know a way around this or am I missing something?

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