Reading Received Frames of Type 0x92 with XBee Java Library

I have an XBee ZigBee S2C module and an Xbee ZigBee L/T/H Sensor. The sensor is configured to automatically send API frames containing IO samples to the S2C module periodically. The frames are of type 0x92 and I can see them being received by the S2C module in the XCTU Frames Log.

I wish to parse the frames using the XBee Java library. I tried calling the readData method, but it doesn’t support 0x92 frame type. I also tried calling getIOSample, but it returns the following exception: “com.digi.xbee.api.exceptions.ATCommandException: There was a problem sending the AT command packet. > Status Error”

I simply wish to read the received data frames of type 0x92 on the local S2C module without transmitting AT commands to the end device. Is this possible?

Thanks in advance