If I use latest DIA version(, what kind of security API's I can get.

I have digi connectport X4 gateway, where I developed python firmware on DIA version 1.1.16 and python version 2.4.3.

Now I want to move to latest DIA version( from 1.1.16. only if the latest DIA version provides more security aspects and API’s for security.

Please suggest me if the latest DIA version has more security API’s than 1.1.16 and I need to know what are those new security functions introduced in new DIA version.

Even if I get release notes for all DIA version that will be helpful and I searched for it but I didn’t find anything.

You can request Digi to provide the release notes if it is not available in there website. You can raise an online support request. You can also refer the following post, http://www.digi.com/support/forum/37868/where-can-get-the-release-notes-for-dia-from-version-16-to-3-07