iMX6UL Module - using MCA assist processor to control power cycling

I’m using an iMX6UL module. I want to use the MCA processor to add control of a supercapacitor backup supply, for temporary power whilst the system shuts down gracefully. To control power cycling, timeouts etc. and guarantee any flash writes in progress are completed before the power is dumped.

Is the source code of the current firmware in the MCA available?

Digi does not provide source code for MCA and does not support modifying its firmware

Our Digi distributor certainly thinks this is supported!
We’ve been told how the module has an additional Cortex-M core and source code is available to modify and add your own functions. It is being quoted as one of the extra features.

not on cc6ul. the MCU is indeed there, but the firmware source and programming support are not available to customers.