Include SNMP into an HTTP project


I’m using NET+OS 7.4.2 on a ConnectCore9P9215.

I actually have a project based on the HTTP AWS sample compiling fine.

On this project, I’m trying to include SNMP.
I did include the library “libsnmp.a”. But as soon as I include “snmpapi.h” in a file, I’ve got the following compiling errors:

error: trdefs.h: No such file or directory [/cygdrive/C/netos74/h/snmpapi.h]
error: trasn1.h: No such file or directory [/cygdrive/C/netos74/h/snmpapi.h]

This snmpapi.h file seems to be correct, because when I compile the SNMP sample project, I have no errors.

Does anyone have an idea about this problem?


Hi, you are sure you have file “netos74/h/snmpapi.h”?. If it is, was included on “project properties” in tabs “libraries” and “includes” snmp files?.

PD:Sorry for my english…

Hi anavarrete,

You’re correct, it was included in “libraries” but not in “includes”.

By adding the path “${NETOSDIR}/src/treck/snmpd” in include tab, it is now working.